To guarantee a maximum customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We consistently study further and check our quality to achieve this aim.

Heiner and Monika Klostermann put their highest emphasis on the personal attention of their customers. In times of anonymous big companies the individual contact to the customer is the strong point of owner-managed specialist shops.

"The customers today want competent partners offering the best solutions for their requests." sais Heiner Klostermann. Everyone of his collaborators makes time for the requests of the customer.

"Quality means the customer is returning, not the product."

Heiner Klostermann

Optic Actuell Klostermann acts on the maxim of quality management without compromises. Two years of warranty, maximum precision and the alignment to the customer request are the guarantor for customer's satisfaction and return as repeat customer.

Not for nothing Optic Actuell Klostermann has been rewarded as "Prime Optical Store" for the fifth time since 2008 by Europe's greatest branch information service 'Markt Intern'. Only special stores fulfilling strict quality directives in products and service are rewarded with this honor.